Linomtha has a group of highly experienced qualified skilled individuals. Our skills and experience are accumulated within the ICT industry as well as academia. We have as part of our knowledgeable consultants covering all aspects of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). These consultants have consulted at all levels of government, as well as consulting in South Africa on behalf of International Telecommunication giants. We have an extremely senior team. Most of us have occupied senior management roles in Government Organisations or Large Corporates, some have successfully started up and run their own companies. We have in excess of 50 years combined working experience.

Linomtha Consulting is a strategic consultancy helping Governments to accelerate the benefits of ICT enabled change through transformation of the public sector and the wider economy. Linomtha brings together people with a track record of success in delivering social, economic and public sector transformation. At the heart of Linomtha Consulting is a team that has worked at top global organisations and who led some of the country’s most ambitious and successful programmes of e-transformation. 

We specialise in working with our clients to identify these ‘big lever’ projects – the projects which, when embarked upon, will set the necessary ripples in motion to drive change and transformation throughout an eco-system. In this way we aim to have a profound effect on the society in which we operate. 

Linomtha recognises the important role that ICT can play in terms of economic growth, social inclusion and government efficiency. The key individuals driving Linomtha all have extensive practical experience in the field of ICT, working on large scale government and private sector projects across the country and are recognized as experts both locally and internationally. Linomtha also has access to an extensive network of highly skilled local and international resources and are able to scale up rapidly. 

Essentially we see ourselves as an extension of the client’s team – adding capacity, specific competencies and expertise, while also working with the client to mentor, build and extend the internal capacity of the client organisation.

Our delivery model is based on engaging the client to understand their strategy and unpacking their challenges in order to architect solutions to enable delivery on their objectives.


Charles Isaacs
Johannes Claussen

Motsamai Nduna, CEO

Charles Isaacs, Director

Johannes Claussen, CFO

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